“Religion and Law” Journal

The Religion and Law journal is the only Russian publication dedicated to the problems of religious freedom, church-state relations and rights of believers. Its impartiality, broad range of opinions expressed and emphasis on the rule of law has made it an invaluable resource fro the Russian and international scholars, human rights lawyers and activists, as well as civil servants in charge of relations with religious organizations on the federal and local levels of government.

The journal was established in 1997 and Anatoly Pchelintsev, SCLJ co-chairman has been its Editor-in-Chief from the very beginning. The editorial team attracted cooperation from the prominent Russian and foreign authors. Throughout its existence the journal served as a tribune for discussions on the most acute problems in the area of religious freedom, such as the ‘anti-cult” controversy, religious education in secular schools, unconstitutional nature of the Russian law on religion, harassment of Protestant churches etc.

  • legislative acts, executive orders and other official documents with commentaries;
  • legal analyses of court decisions and legal precedents affecting freedom of conscience in Russia and globally;
  • academic articles on religious and legal and related problems;
  • legal advice for religious organizations;
  • up-to-date information on the status of religious freedom in Russia and abroad;
  • reviews and analyses of recent books and other publications

Selected publications are available on the Russian version of the site.
Copies of the journal (in Russian only) can be obtained from SCLJ office – just call +7 (495) 645 104

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