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Meeting Held in Slavic Legal Center with Former Judge and Chairman of the Russian Federation Constitutional Court, Vladimir Tumanov

On April 27, a meeting was held with the former judge and chairman of the Russian Federation Constitutional Court, Vladimir Aleksandrovich Tumanov, in the Press Center of the Slavic Legal Center (SLC), per the Press Department of the SLC.  Present at the meeting with the retired statesman were Moscow scientists and advocates.

Vladimir A. Tumanov, one of the most authoritative representatives of the nation’s legal circles, is also a member of the European Human Rights Court in Strasburg.  Having been a direct participant in Russian legal reforms, Aleksandr Vladimirovich recounted the achievements and shortcomings of those efforts.  In particular, he drew attention to the extremely low level of performance of court rulings which total approximately 48 percent of all court decisions.  Moreover, the majority of instances where a court ruling is not enforced include those rulings that are found in favor of the people against the government and its officials.  In the opinion of Professor Tumanov, no one would even think about not performing a court ruling in Europe.

Professor Tumanov also brought attention to the necessity of organizing the system of administrative judges in order to relieve judges of general jurisdiction and protect citizens from the arbitrary rule of government officials.  Another serious problem facing the modern Russian legal system is the lack of the right of a citizen to appeal, which would intentionally decrease the legitimacy of rulings made by judges.  Of all the governments that are members of the European Council, only Russia lacks this right.

The meeting proceeded under warm circumstances.  Vladimir Aleksandrovich offered answers to the multitude of questions asked by those in attendance.

We remind our readers that such meetings with well-known figures in science, law, and representatives of the creative intelligentsia became traditional in the Slavic Legal Center.  Novice lawyers are also invited.

Note:  Vladimir Aleksandrovich Tumanov was born on October 20, 1926, in Kropotkin, Krasnodarsky Region.  From 1959 until January 1994, he worked in the Institute of Government and Rights AN USSR (later AN of the Russian Federation).  He is a Doctor of Law and professor.  In May/June of 1993, by order of the president, Tumanov was included in the operational group which was involved in the project to prepare the Constitution for the Constitutional Conference, and later was one of 25 representatives of the president at the Constitutional Conference.  From April to September 1994, he was a presidential cabinet member.  On October 25, 1994, he was elected to be a judge in the Constitutional Court.  On February 13, 1995, he was appointed chairman of the Russian Federation Constitutional Court.  In August 1996, Tumanov participated in the inauguration ceremony of President Yeltsin for his second term and led Yeltsin in the Presidential Oath.  From 1997 to 1998, he was a judge in the European Human Rights Court in Strasburg.


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