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Plevako Award Committee and the Guild of Russian lawyers honor SCLJ co-chairman

October 22, 2007

The Plevako Award Committee and the Guild of Russian lawyers named SCLJ co-chairman Vladimir Ryakhovsky an honorary lawyer of Russia to mark his contribution into the protection of civil rights, SCLJ news service reports. The award ceremony took place on October 22. Leading members of the Russian legal community, including the President of the Russian Lawyers’ Guild and the President of the Federal Bar Union of Russia, took part in the ceremony.

The award was established in February 1998 and is given to bar members and other persons who have made a notable contribution in the development of the legal profession in Russia.
Vladimir Ryakhovsky said, "The award is a sign of recognition of the SCLJ's achievements and contribution in the area of religious freedom protection on the part of the Bar and the entire legal community in Russia. For over 15 years running, SCLJ lawyers have been at the forefront of this battle, defending individuals' rights, monitoring violations and ensuring compliance with religious freedom standards in the country.”

Vladimir Ryakhovsky is a member of the Parliamentary Committee for Civic and Religious Affairs; and over different time periods, he has held membership in various governmental Boards and Commissions.     

In 2001, Ryakhovsky also received an award by the Human Rights Commissioner in the Russian Federation which was a tribute to his outstanding achievements in the area of human rights protection.

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