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02.15.12 - SCLJ Victory for Religious Liberty at Russian Constitutional Court

02.15.12 - SCLJ wins another case in the Constitutional Court of Russia

12.19.11 - SCLJ Wins Case at Russian Constitutional Court

12.13.10 - New Bar Exam List of Questions

09.23.10 - ECHR to Consider Whether it Will Review Religious Freedom Case From Russia

09.14.10 - Slavic Center for Law and Justice Hosts Roundtable Dedicated to the Struggle Against Anti-Extremism and the Observance of the Rights of the Faithful in Russia's Regions

08.03.10 - The Memorial Day of the Baptism of Rus is a New Holiday in Russia

07.27.10 - Religion and Society in Russia Today: Orthodoxy and Public Discussion

07.07.10 - Religion and State After 2000 in Putin's Era: The Legislation and the Reasons of the Discrimination of Believers

07.07.10 - A Roundtable on the Theme: "Enforcement of European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) Decisions on Cases Involving the Protection of Freedom of Conscience"

06.08.10 - Russian Law on Religion: Between the Freedom and Discrimination

04.06.10 - SCLJ to provide assistance to Russia's most prominent human rights advocate

03.24.10 - Meeting Between Religious, Cultural and Intellectual Figures on Issues of Immigration at the US Embassy

02.19.10 - Setback for Anti-Missionary Law: Ministry of Justice replaces people who conducted incompetent anti-missionary policy against non-Orthodox

12.03.09 - His Life for the Mission: The unprecedented murder in modern Russia of Father Daniil Sysoyev for his Orthodox missionary activity

06.30.09 - The Fellowship of Christian Protestant Churches of the Tyl’skaya Region expresses Concern over the presence of Sectologists in the Council under the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation who are leading “a Continuous Attack on the Small Religious Movements of Russia.”

06.10.09 - Press Release of Press Conference Regarding “No to Inquisitors!”

06.06.09 - The Church of God in Vorkuta declares: “We do not want to be told what to believe or how to pray.”

06.03.09 - Concern Expressed by the Kavkazsky Union of the Seventh Day Adventists Over the Inclusion of “Sectologists” Who are Known for Their Struggle Against Non-orthodox Members in the Membership of the Council under the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation

05.26.09 - The Court of Arbitration of the North Caucasian District Dismisses Appeal of the Administration of Vladikavkaz Which Refused to Transfer Ownership of a Church Building to the Baptist Church

05.22.09 - Ivanov Court Refuses to Dispute Decision of the FSSD to Deport American Missionary

04.27.09 - Meeting Held in Slavic Legal Center with Former Judge and Chairman of the Russian Federation Constitutional Court, Vladimir Tumanov

04.24.09 - Expert Says Russian-wide Action “No to Inquisitors!” is Gradually Becoming a Movement against the Breakdown of the Foundations of Secular Government of Russia

04.24.09 - Elistista City Court Dismisses Law Suit Against Adventist Parents Refusing to Have Their Children in School on Saturdays

04.22.09 - Viktor Babitsyn, Priest of the True Russian Orthodox Church, Pervoural’sk, Sverdlovsky Region

04.22.09 - In Reply to the Institute of Religion and Justice’s Petition to the Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation, A. V. Konovalov, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation Rejects All Claims Made Concerning the Membership and Authority of the Expert Council Headed by Sectologist Dvorkin

04.22.09 - Say “Inquisition - Stop!” to the Council of the Ministry of Justice in Russia – a Campaign for Religious Human Rights

10.15.08 -
Representatives of Baylor University spoke about the state of legal education and strengthening religious tolerance in Russia

10.14.08 -
Lawyers from across Russia participated in a seminar on "The European Court of Human Rights: Effective Case Conduct"

06.26.08 - Moscow: The Supreme Court of Russia reversed the decision regarding the liquidation of the United Methodist Church of Smolensk

03.24.08 - Teaching Religion in Sunday School May Get Your Church Liquidated

10.25.07 - SCLJ Directors, Hungarian Ambassador in Russia Discussed Religious Freedom Issues

10.22.07 - Plevako Award Committee and the Guild of Russian lawyers honor SCLJ co-chairman

09.13.07 - ECLJ submits a special statement on Religious Freedom to the United Nations

03.16.07 - The Sixth World Congress of the International Religious Liberty Association on combating religious hatred held in South Africa

01.23.07 - Head of Church Relations Department of the Hungarian Government meets Evangelical leaders and experts in the SCLJ office, Moscow

10.09.06 - ECHR Upholds Religious Freedom in Landmark Case,
The Salvation Army v. Russia

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