SCLJ Selected for Prestigious Government Grant

Moscow. October 15, 2010

With all of the heartbreaking stories of violations of religious freedom, it is always pleasing to announce uplifting news.

On May 8, 2010, the President of the Russian Federation issued an order to ensure state support for non-profit, non-governmental organizations dedicated to the development of civil society. An open competition was declared by which grants are provided to non-profit, non-governmental organizations for projects intended to implement specific programs and scientific research in the field of protecting human rights and freedoms, as well as legal education programs. The Slavic Center for Law and Justice (SCLJ) took part in this grant competition, and was recently selected as a recipient of the prestigious government grant.

This grant will allow the wide dissemination of a new book throughout Russia - "Commentary to the Federal Law: On Freedom of Conscience and Religious Associations." The need for publishing such a book is apparent from the urgent need for clarity on the problematic rules entailed in the law. This law is critical to all religious organizations operating in Russia. Although the law has been in effect for 13 years, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation has never unified conflicting decisions in this area of law.

In writing this book, the SCLJ is working closely with a team of authors that consists of the most prominent Russian scientists, theologians, and lawyers familiar with cases on this particular subject. This book will be distributed free of charge among representatives of the clergy, government authorities, judges, lawyers, scholars and students focusing on religious studies. Without doubt, this book will likely become one of the most popular among books on legal topics in Russia.

This generous grant will allow SCLJ to develop and continue the important work of protecting religious freedom across the whole territory of Russia.

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