Slavic Center for Law and Justice lawyer takes part in meeting between staff members from regional prosecutor's offices and representatives of the Public Chamber of Russia

Moscow. October 10, 2010

The Public Chamber of Russia (PCR) hosted a meeting between members of the PCR and various regional prosecutors' offices within the framework of a seminar organized at the initiative of the General Prosecutor's Office. The focus of the meeting was legal education for senior assistant prosecutors of the various administrative-territorial regions of the Russian Federation.

At the meeting, a lawyer from the Slavic Center for Law and Justice (SCLJ), Vladimir Ryakhovsky, addressed the participants. He cited the need to respect citizens' rights to the freedom of conscience and religion and the inadmissibility of state-level persecution of Christian churches under the guise of combating extremism. The impression was formed that the prosecutors' offices require concrete indicators - said Ryakhovsky. Cases concerning the recognition of specific literature as extremist are being considered by the district courts, without the involvement of the defendants, in separate special proceedings. The SCLJ lawyer provided several examples, including the compilation of lists of alleged "sects" by the local authorities in Siberia and the authorities' attempts to ban the issuance of video footage by the charismatic church in the country's Far East region. Vladimir Ryakhovsky called for mutual cooperation with prosecutors' organs in order to collectively work out the appropriate solutions.

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