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In 2006, SCLJ launched a Press Centre which is currently operating on the organization’s premises. The Press Centre was uniquely set up with a view to increase media coverage and foster public awareness of the problems and conflicts related to religious freedom and religion in the Russian society in general. SCLJ has sought to fill the information void and create a space essential for the implementation of the constitutional right of individuals and communities to freedom of religion and belief.

The centre’s strategic objective is to foster peaceful relations between religions and to promote tolerance in Russia.

The Press Centre premises can be used to organize and hold conferences, roundtable discussions and seminars on religious freedom legislation and other acts which regulate the activities of religious associations. Other subjects such as relations between church and state and religious situations in different regions of the country will also be covered.

Currently, the Press Centre organizes news conferences on legal, economic and social problems that Russia's religious and civic groups face. Landmark court cases are covered; policies adopted by the federal and regional authorities towards religion are analyzed. We also look into the efficiency of the law enforcement bodies in implementing religious rights.

The Press Centre welcomes cooperation from journalists, lawyers, experts in various fields, civil servants, academics and religious and civic leaders.

All events are held in Moscow's historical center in Zamoskvorechye. (The nearest underground station is “Tretyakovskaya.” Follow Bolshaya Ordynka St. towards the Kremlin. At the first junction, turn left to 3rd Kadashevsky Lane. After 50 meters, you will see an iron gate. Pass through the gate by the construction site and turn right. SCLJ’s office is in a three-story yellow mansion.)

A conference hall, fully equipped to host events as described above (total area of 50 sq.m., capacity of up to 40 persons depending on the nature of your event).

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